Nextdoor says It will make tens of millions in revenue this year

www nextdoor com join reviews and two years ago, Nextdoor, a neighborhood social network, made waves in science and technology, becoming one of the few technology companies valued at $1 billion but worthless. After testing several profitable ideas, the company finally began to focus on one: advertising.


"We know it's going to take a while," CEO Nirav Tolia told Wealth. It's too late to get rid of worries.

Nextdoor provides a Facebook service for more than 150,000 communities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, compared with 100,000 in 2016. Users share criminal information, list items to be sold and get advice about chores through the website.

A Guide to using the neighborhood social network for www nextdoor com join reviews

Using Nextdoor applications, users can connect to their neighbors and participate in their local communities. Similarly, business owners and organizations can target their local communities and provide services that cater to them. By leveraging the power of word of mouth, Nextdoor can be a way to increase sales and profits. Let's look at what Nextdoor neighbor applications do, how to use them, and the best tips for optimizing your presence on social networks.

What is Nextdoor

Nextdoor application is a social network platform for local communities and communities. Nextdoor does not connect you to any users around the world but narrows down your network to users around you.

Its network consists of more than 180,000 communities worldwide. According to their website, their mission is to "provide a reliable platform for neighbors to work together to build stronger, safer and happier communities around the world."

Using Nextdoor applications, users can interact with their neighbors, discuss community news, and recommend their favorite local services and businesses. But not all applications can do that.

What the neighborhood app is used for

Users can do anything on the application, from chatting with neighbors to commenting on local wildlife.

  1. Business. Users can use Nextdoor to sell or buy "sell or free" pages in applications. The list also appears in the neighborhood feed so that users can see the new items. The application also has features that users can use to view real estate listings.

  2. Organize activities. Do you think your neighbor can have an old-fashioned block party? Maybe you want to open a Bookclub? In the spirit of real applications, users can use Nextdoor to organize parties and events.

  3. Suggestions were made. Through the application, users can consult reviews of local businesses, such as restaurants, to see if they are worth visiting. It is this characteristic that makes it good news for entrepreneurs.

Key metrics to track

  • Recommendations. These are the number of positive reviews your neighbors have given you. The higher the number of recommendations, the more social proof you'll have in your community.

  • Neighborhoods. This is your reach in terms of communities and neighborhoods. The higher this number is, the greater the number of networks your business can tap into.

  • Neighbors. These are Nextdoor users who can see your page. The higher this number is, the more Nextdoor users you can connect with.

  • Comments. These people actively participate in your community by leaving comments on your page. These are critical for providing feedback, solving group problems and interacting with communities.

With these four metrics, you can start tracking and optimizing your status on the Nextdoor application.

What Nextdoor does not do well

Users who give Nextdoor negative reviews complain about e-mail spam from applications and other users. They also reported bullying, inaccurate posts, and security issues in forums.

A user who commented negatively on Nextdoor's Trust Pilot mentioned that she had received a lot of spam from the program. She also reported on misconduct by other users in the forum.

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