This is a short tutorial on The Nextdoor App.

I put the Nextdoor app in my social networking folder on my phone, and I'm used to categorizing my phone apps this way. So, before this and we have to join the Nextdoor.

Now, let's talk about this Nextdoor app. We've been using it recently since we downloaded it from the Apple Store or the Android Store, so we just wanted to let you know a bit about the Nextdoor app.

We open it, go into the app, and have home sales, business notifications, and more at the bottom.

Nextdoor App Notification Navigation Review

Let's go to the Notifications menu and see what notifications are inside. Once we get to the notifications page, we'll see that this page has an immaculate layout.

My information included a person who wanted to rent a room and a system that alerted me to people I might know nearby and whether I needed to contact them.

Nextdoor App More Navigation Review

Next, let's take a look at the 'More' menu.

Just sign up for an account, like you would with any other app. And then that's exactly what we'll do to become a member of Nextdoor.

I have businesses for sale here for local deals on events, real estate, security, loss, and some other stuff.

Let's look at 'Crime and Security' and click on that option.

Then the page lists coronavirus information and some other neighborhood or system updates about security.

We often have to go down to 'Crime and Safety,' and then it tells us about the coronavirus and some neighbors.

I've kept up my interaction with my neighbors and often vote for them.

Nextdoor App Business Interaction

I love selling, it's like a marketplace, and that's one of the things I love about Nextdoor.

We can post what we want to sell. So if you're looking for furniture, check out the homes for sale by our neighbors here and see if they fit us.

Let's take a look at the neighbors for sale. Here's a black leather couch for sale and used cars for sale. There are many more, and there's a doll here.

People are getting rid of their stuff so that you can buy it here.

Nextdoor App Home Navigation Review

Click on the first icon in the bottom left corner, a small house icon. Clicking on it takes us back to the top of the Nextdoor App home page.

It's like being in the realm of other social apps. You can add friends, and you can look at messages.

This is my stuff because we have some things for sale right now. So neighbors will come to ask me and interact with us if they are interested.

I have a camera for sale here, haha.


I check the 'Crime and Safety' information on the Nextdoor app every day, and it's currently important to me.

This is an excellent app, and I like it. We can find it in Google or Apple App Store and download it. Depending on the model of your phone, choose the store.

This is the green app. Nextdoor allows you to know everything about your neighborhood.