The unicorn NextDoor had announced to go public last week. Would you please join and look at our homepage to get more information about


NextDoor, an American neighborhood social Unicorn company, announced on the morning of the 6th July that it would go public through a merger with a particular purpose acquisition company. Although NextDoor's track is commonly known as neighborhood social, it can still be regarded as a company that makes community products from the perspective of its most basic functions.

With 60 million users, it is estimated to be more than 4 billion US dollars.

NextDoor was founded in 2011. It was not until 2015 that it began to test the commercialization of NextDoor after accumulating several users. At the same time, Nirav Tolia, CEO of NextDoor, said in an interview that 41% of users used NextDoor at least three times a week.

When users join NextDoor, they have to fill in the street they live in, the number of their specific address, and the zip code. Thanks to the high threshold of registration, NextDoor's community atmosphere control is relatively excellent.

According to NextDoor, the SPAC merger will raise $686 million, including $416 million in cash and $270 million in pipe financing. The pipe financing has been oversubscribed, and the demand is $550 million.

The epidemic has promoted the development of NextDoor business in disguised form. As the worst-hit area of the epidemic, people's demand for community and online interaction will be higher after social isolation. In 2020, the number of daily active users of NextDoor had increased by 50%.

At present, nearly one-third of households in the United States will use NextDoor. In the first quarter of this year, the number of users who log in to NextDoor every week has reached 27 million.

Finally, congratulations once again on the success of NextDoor. It is believed that NextDoor will further adjust its business, expand its business scope and bring more and better quality services to users.