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As we all know, is a private social network. Its service audience is the community, which is designed for online interaction between you and other members of your community as well as your community. It aims to make your community better, more convenient, and safer. That's what NextDoor was originally designed for.


How Does Work

Like most social media, NextDoor is mainly an online service. According to their official website, the goal of the website is to provide a place for neighbors and communities to communicate with each other, to better understand each other, and to create a better and safer community in the process.

In NextDoor's official article, the most attractive part is a local online business. That is, we can carry out business activities in your community through the platform provided by NextDoor. For example, pet care, second-hand information, etc.

To register as a member of, you must submit your address and pass a series of multiple verifications to ensure that you are a member of the community. This is particularly important because you have to prove that you are a member of the community where you are registered.

Members must always use their real name instead of the internet nickname. And they can completely control the amount and location of shared information. They also promised that their membership information would never be available on public search engines such as Google and that they would not share any member information with third-party advertisers.

Once you join NextDoor and become a member, NextDoor encourages you to use their website as a place to share information, such as providing timely information about strangers breaking into the community, looking for trustworthy nannies or pet nannies, seeking help in finding lost pets, or just to find people's names and organize neighborhood social activities.

This platform is very convenient for the residents in the community. As you know, everyone registers and publishes information in real name. Therefore, the credibility of information is greatly improved.

Cost And Price Plans

As far as I know, NextDoor insists on real name member registration and uses them completely free to interact with neighbors and other members of the community. To ensure the maximum number of members and interaction, this website decided not to include membership fees. It means free forever. However, it may be adjusted at any time whether members with business activities charge.

Customer Service Contact Info

If customers have any questions, concerns, or complaints, they want to put them directly to their customer service team. They can submit them directly to their website to contact them through their terms and conditions page, which provides a 'Contact US' link at the bottom of the page.

In particular, users who want to do business in NextDoor need to pay attention to the dynamics of NextDoor at any time. After all, they will post and write about any activity. If there is an area you are good at, what a good message it would be.

NextDoor User Evaluation

Now let's see how someone evaluates NextDoor. This is the information I collected on the Internet. I hope it can help you.

It’s nice to hear from others in your community and nearby communities. It’s a good way to have questions answered, alerts posted, and I find it very helpful with animals both missing, found, and needing homes.

-- Linda Nickel

I like NextDoor. It is useful to keep up to date about what's happening in the neighborhood. Sometimes, I would like to have more information about events that are happening in the area.

-- Diane Derobbio

Next door has helped me find an excellent groomer, get deer crossing signs up, and find a landscaper for a family member. They also will recommend the various business for whatever you need and help lost pets reunite with their owners. I like that they recently added ask a neighbor.