This is for how to join nextdoor app and everyone is talking about Nextdoor. It's a social networking site that allows you to repeat old-fashioned gossip with your neighbors across the street. It keeps you in touch with people on the street, even people miles away.


How to join nextdoor app

Nextdoor is a private social network where neighbors work together to build stronger, safer and happier communities around the world and it's free.

It reminds you of the simple time when you were talking to your neighbors. That was before we disappeared behind the digital devices. Nextdoor, like Facebook, allows you to browse contacts'posts and photos, as well as post your emails and photos.

Join your neighborhood

To connect with your neighbors, you need to create an account on Nextdoor. No invitation is required to join the next website. If you do receive an invitation, please follow the instructions below and enter your code when requested.


  • Visit

  • Enter your residential street address and email address. 

  • Select Find your neighborhood. At this point, one of two things will happen: If there is already a Nextdoor website for your neighborhood, you will automatically be assigned to that neighborhood. If there is not yet a Nextdoor website for your neighborhood, you'll be given the option to create one.

  • Complete all of the required fields.

  • If you received an invitation to join Nextdoor, select and enter the code on the postcard to give your neighbor credit for inviting you.

  • Click Sign up.

  • Finally, verify your address.

Verify your address

Before you can access your neighbor's Nextdoor website, you must verify your address. We offer several ways to verify:

  • Phone number

  • Postcard

  • LexisNexis

If you have moved, you need to verify the new address, please follow the instructions for changing the address.

Confirm your email address for how to join nextdoor app

When you join Nextdoor, you must confirm your e-mail address by clicking the confirmation link we sent you in the e-mail. E-mail validation is separate from address validation.

If you do not confirm your email address immediately, a red banner will be displayed at the top of the news source as a reminder. Finally, if you do not confirm your e-mail address, you will stop receiving e-mail from Nextdoor altogether.

You can change your email settings at any time.

Get Nextdoor on any device

Some of Nextdoor's best uses include publishing crime and security news you just saw, sharing photos of your gifts, and looking for dinner recommendations when you leave your desk.

Download the Nextdoor app on your iPhone, Android, or iPad to take the power of Nextdoor wherever you go.

Introduce yourself

After you verify your account and are granted access to your neighbor's Nextdoor site, you will have the opportunity to post an introductory message, as shown below.

You may alert your neighbors to the thieves you found nearby. Your neighbor may recommend a good plumber or mechanic. They can also tell you about yard sales or the appliances they give away. Or you can remind them that you found a stray dog.

That sounds good. In many ways, Nextdoor is a social media site you should visit. (Read our tips for navigating next door here.) However, Nextdoor has a dark side. It has some dark side, you must know.

When you use Nextdoor, it's hard not to notice that it's not as well monitored as facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. On Nextdoor, online bullies will not be suppressed very quickly. They can chatter endlessly, seemingly with little or no monitoring.

It's not unheard of that Nextdoor bullies also offline harassment. It's terrible when you realize that many members publish their exact street addresses on their websites.

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