What Is The Safety Concepts

As you know, security needs to be considered all the time. It's both online and offline. Offline, each of us can understand most of the safety, including our doors and windows, harassing phones, our pets, the safety of children and ourselves.

What about online? This field is not recognized by the public, which is why there are more loopholes. For example, the login account and password, the web pages you visited, the information you focused on, etc. Hackers can only guess most of your valid information and ideas using your browsing traces on the Internet.


How To Solove Internet Safety

How to solve it? This's also the original intention and purpose of Nextdoor design. The goal of Nextdoor is to foster a friendlier world where everyone has a community to rely on. It's about the culture and popularity of an enterprise.

It's important to remember that building positive and respectful communities is as important as online and offline in the real world. That's why Nextdoor has worked with Australia's eSafety office to work together over the past 12 months to develop the 'Safety by Design' assessment tools they are launching worldwide today. It can be said to be a combination of robust. Nextdoor focuses on serving most users and provides a very high-quality communication platform; The online security problem is implemented by eSafety.

Do you know that? When a responsible enterprise makes a very beneficial decision to users' interests, there will be significant resistance within the company. The enterprise should evaluate the feasibility of the policy and assess whether it can bring benefits to customers, even whether it can bring profits to the enterprise.

It is understood that the senior management of Nextdoor has unanimously decided to implement more effective online security. Therefore, today we can see that Nextdoor is making unremitting efforts to cooperate with eSafety to build a strong security network.

As The Nextdoor CEO Said

At Nextdoor we know that safety by design is a necessity in order to build a platform that helps neighbors connect and create stronger, more resilient communities. We view the work of the Australian eSafety Office as best in class, and are delighted to partner today and in the future.

-Sarah Friar, Nextdoor CEO


After a long period of exploration, you will see that Nextdoor constantly updates its online products and policies, trying to build a secure online world for all. This includes expanding our community operations and community engagement teams, enhancing audit tools, and launching new products to encourage folk discourse such as good reminders.

Nextdoor is setting an example, which shows that they want to cooperate more with eSafety. It is hoped that every neighbor using Nextdoor and eSafety will benefit from secure online activities shortly.

As time goes on, more and more users will join Nextdoor to establish a security platform.