We're going to cover how to get recommendations in your Nextdoor account, nextdoor.com.

We're working on how to get how to manage our reputation, and to create a reputation for our business specifically our estate business we need to get recommendations.


Get As Many Recommendations As Possible From Our Neighbors

This is a brand new account here that I have set up and this is for my Las Vegas real estate team Laurie Ballentine.

And just last week, I set up the business page on Nextdoor and already had a personal business account. Whatever we have to join Nextdoor first.

What we need to do is we want to get as many recommendations as we possibly can from our neighbors, what this means is we need to be buying or selling, helping people buy or sell real estate at our neighbor in our neighborhood and get recommendations.

Now when we close on a home that's not in our neighborhood, you still want to get recommendations because what happens is the more recommendations we have in various neighborhoods is going to expand our reach to other neighborhoods.

Keep Adding Other Neighborhoods For More Recommendations

Even though my business is only set up, my personal Nextdoor is only set up right here where I live in a neighborhood in Summerlin. This is saying I have two neighbor recommendations so far, and now I can be seen in thirty-eight neighborhoods, not just the ones where I am, and that is a total of eleven thousand 72 neighbors that can see my page.

Down we have a map and on the map, it shows us who recommended us and where they are, and if we make this a little bit smaller we'll be able to see how these are all the green areas where my business can now be seen. Although I live up here, my business is getting reviews and other neighborhoods and now it can be seen here.

It's going to keep adding other neighborhoods as we get more and more as we get more visibility to our recommendations. This is very important, and what do we want to do when we get a recommendation? If we want to reply to that person we're going to respond to them.

Here's how we're going to get these recommendations, there are several ways.

  • By email.

  • Send link by text.

  • Post on Facebook or Twitter.

Get These Recommendations By Email

The first one is by email, and if we click an email, what we're able to see is a preset email message, and it says 'hello, Laurie Ballentine Las Vegas is now on next-door the private social network for neighborhoods, would you recommend us to your neighbors and help get the word out?

Recommend us here now. Nowhere does this, say they have to be a past client, we're just asking the neighbors to recommend us if they would do business with us, thanks for being a Laurie Ballentine customer, we appreciate the support you provide to our local business.' 

What I've done in our business is we actually use Infusionsoft for real estate which we have built out, and we have a review campaign in there where we ask for reviews on our Google business page, Facebook business page, that type of thing, and like a lot of you out there do with Zillow or whatever network that you're working to gain exposure.

Now Nextdoor is one that you can put on the front focus, and so we just sent an email out to our past clients and asked them to click the link and send us a review. Now you do have to keep in mind that Nextdoor is a growing social network, not everybody is on there, and so we like to give them our favorites.

We ask them to review us on Facebook on Google and now on next-door those are for us, our primary sources, and so that's quite simple, that's one way to do it.

Get Recommendations By Sending Link In Text

Another way to get recommendations, let me open my page back up, here is to copy this link, and just now if you saw that here's my mouse, I clicked copy link and it copied it, and so now I can send out that message by text, which our Infusionsoft system also does by text or I can manually send a text to somebody or I could share that link through any social channel that I like or include that in a different kind of custom email.

Here we have the share capability, so if I click Share it's automatically going to open and it's going to say to neighbors, recommended Laurie Ballentine, my next-door can't edit that not too fancy. For me, I prefer to copy the link and create my post, and I would do something like this.

Post On Facebook Or Twitter

I would go over to Facebook and I would go to my business page for my real estate team and click on the business manager for my post, and I'm going to say 'are you on Nextdoor? It's a rapidly growing social network for neighborhoods, kind of like an online neighborhood watch.

Laurie Ballentine real estate is now Nextdoor, we would appreciate recommendations for those that love our brand and services, and I'm going to put the link now.'

What I like about doing it on the business page is I can actually get rid of that link because I don't like it depending on what I'm using buffer things, like that I can change that image and the description, here's the link, and I'm just going to take that out and publish. That's another way to do it also.

We have Twitter and you can log in and then we can change, Say we're on Nextdoor recommend Laurie Ballentine Las Vegas, and help us spread the word. I like that one much better, add my hashtags, and I'm going to tweet that out.

There are several ways that you can work to get these recommendations, and the more recommendations you get the more organic reach is going to have, which is going to help in your marketing efforts.