Is Nextdoor Safe

Is Nestdoor safe? Yes, the Nextdoor website and the Nextdoor app are also safe.

Nextdoor was co-founded by Sarah Leary, Nirav Tolia, Prakash Janakiraman, and David Wiesen in 2008. Toria had previously helped to activate adrenaline. Early investors included benchmark capital, Shasta ventures, and rich barton. As of February 2014, Nextdoor had 80 to 100 employees. In July 2012, Nextdoor raised $18.6 million in venture capital. Dan vacancy joined Nextdoor in February 2014.


Nextdoor launched platform advertising in 2017, including real estate advertising. Advertising includes posting about business services and products in user feeds. In February 2017, Nextdoor acquired StuelLead, a British local social networking service, in a million deal. The service was provided in the Netherlands in February 2016, Germany in 2017 and France on February 2018. Nextdoor was also launched in Italy and Spain in September 2018 and it's www NextDoor com Join Safe.

About is a new private social network designed for you and your neighbors and other members of your community to interact online to make your neighbors better and safer.

How Does It Work

According to their website, the goal of this website is to give neighbors and communities a place to interact with each other to better understand each other and, in the process, create a better and safer community.


To register as a member of, you must submit your residence address and pass a series of multiple validations to ensure that you are a neighbor, not an outsider.

Members must always use their real names, not the selected Internet handles, and they have complete control over the amount and location of shared information. They also promised that their membership information would never be provided on public search engines like Google and that no member information would be shared with third-party advertisers.

Once you become a member, will encourage you to use their website as a place to share information, such as disseminating information about intrusions, finding trustworthy nannies or pet nannies, seeking help in finding lost pets, or simply finding people's names and organizing neighborhood social events.

Cost/Price Plans

The site is adamant that members can register and use freely and interact with their neighbors and other community members. To ensure the majority of members and interaction, the website decided not to include membership fees.

Refund Policy

As does not charge any fees, this website does not provide a refund policy. On the contrary, if customers are invited to purchase outside the website by advertisements or links, they will have to comply with any refund policy provided by the website, and in fact, they are making purchases.

Customer Service Contact Info

If customers have any questions, doubts, or complaints, they can submit them directly to their website through their terms and conditions page, and provide a "contact us" link at the bottom of the page to contact them.

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